Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Our "Kiwitales" that we made into big books

See if you can guess which fairytale we followed!

We were learning to:
  • Change a fairytale into a "kiwitale"
  • Make sure it follows the structure of a fairytale

    Once upon a time Steve and his Dad lived in a trench. One day Dad said “We are poor, we have to sell the goat”.  So after lunch Steve was walking down the road and he saw an old man.
    The old man said “I’d like to buy your goat”. “I will trade it for these beans, but they aren’t any old beans these are magic beans”.

    After he got the beans he ran as fast as he could back to his Dad. “Dad, Dad look at these beans”. Dad was so angry that he got the beans and threw them out the window.
    Steve was hungry and sad because he had no money. He opened his curtains and saw a giant mountain had grown overnight.  He climbed the giant mountain and saw a cave with a mountain lion in it.
    In the cave with the lion was a magic ukulele and a kiwi that laid golden eggs.  The lion went to lie down.  At the same time the ukulele played a song.

    Steve took the kiwi laying golden eggs.  “Master, Master we are being robbed” said the ukulele as it was awake. The lion woke up and ran after Steve. 
    Steve’s father was at the bottom saying “Hurry Steve” and his father threw spears at the mountain lion and killed it. Steve and his father lived happily ever after with the kiwi that laid golden eggs.

    Written by Cody and Nick

    Once upon a time there were three little mice and a big bad cat. The cat thought he would one day get his paws on them. It all began on a small farm in the early 50’s. The cat would chase the mice around the house.
    One day the three little mice left their hole and went to start a new life.  The first little mouse stopped and said “I’m going to make a house here.”   So he did. He made it in the roof bats.

    The next mouse said “I’m going to make my house here.”  So that little mouse made a house in a cheese container. 

    The third mouse made a house in an old mouse hole.   The next day the big cat came along to the first little mouse’s house. He said “Little mouse, little mouse let me come in.”
    The little mouse said “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.”  Then I will charge and knock your house down. So the cat charged and knocked the house down.

    The little mouse ran as fast as his little legs could go.  He ran to the second little mouses house. The next day the big bad cat said “Little mouse, let me come in.”  “Not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin” said the little mouse.  “Then I’ll charge and knock your house down.” said the cat.  The cat knocked the house down and the two little mice ran to third little mouses house. 

    That night the cat thought he would be sneaky. Then little mice heard a squeaking sound. He looked out the door to see the giant cat.

    The cat started to move backwards. The cat charged and got his head stuck in the mouse hole.  The cat got such a fright that after he pulled his head out he never bothered the three little mice again.

    Written by Darian and Ethan

    Once upon a time there were three sumo wrestling pigs. Jim, Bob, and Joe. Jim was the hairiest one, Bob was the smallest and youngest one, and Joe was the sensitive one. They all lived on a pig farm with their family friends. One day Jim, Bob, and Joe were due to go to the freezing works and see big bad Butcher Bill.

    They were in the back of the truck but none of them knew where they were going until…they started to pull into a place with a huge sign saying freezing works on it. They had all seen that sign before and since pigs can communicate with each other they could hear the screams of horror coming from inside.

    But they couldn’t get out of the truck so they got taken inside where they came into a stinky old room where they met big bad Butcher Bill. Big bad Butcher Bill was about to grab them when they all jumped back.  Somehow they found two water pistols and a rubber duck lying on the ground.  Jim and Joe grabbed the water pistols and Bob grabbed the rubber duck.

    Jim and Joe squirted the water at him.  He only slipped but didn’t fall over, so Bob said “This is for annoying us!” And he smacked him in the head with the rubber duck, and made him fall to the ground. Then they all belly flopped him. They ran out the door. Then big bad Butcher Bill saw the pigs running like mad so he ran after them.

    While big bad Butcher Bill wasn’t looking the three pigs tip toed through an open gate. Big bad Butcher Bill glanced into the paddock and saw the three pigs wrestling in a long patch of grass. Big bad Butcher Bill ran after them and he was half over the fence when ZAP! He screamed in pain because the fence was electric.

    Jim, Bob, and Joe all chuckled to themselves. Jim, Bob, and Joe ran as fast as they could back to their home on the pig farm. As quick as a flash they let every single pig out of the farm. With his last bit of strength big bad Butcher Bill followed the three pigs and watched every move they made. But before he could make his move on them he got a call on his cellphone and it was his boss huge horrible Butcher Ben!
    He said “Bill people have been complaining about the mess you’ve made around the freezing works so you are fired!” Big bad Butcher Bill was so sad he flew all the way to Australia and cried the whole way. And that was the end of big bad Butcher Bill, well actually just Bill now.  So all the pigs lived happily ever after on the pig farm.

    Written by Alice and Ella O

    Once upon a time in a deep dark forest lived the Hillbilly Danni and her mother. They were extremely poor and all they owned was a pleasant little goat named Mars Bar and a sweet straw cottage.

    One sunny day Audrey (Danni’s mum) told her to go to the market and sell Mars Bar for as much as she could. So Danni set off to the market. On the way she met an old man with his donkey. “Well” said the man “that looks like a nice goat”.
    “I’ve got have a dozen beans and they’re all yours for the goat”. “my mother told me to go to the market and get as much money for her as I can” Said Danni.  “Ahh” whispered the man “these my lass are magic beans”.

    Danni took the beans and ran home as fast as her sturdy legs could carry her. She arrived home just as her mother had finished weeding her garden. “Mother, mother look what I sold Mars Bar for - half a dozen beans”“the man says they are magic”. Said Danni “What!” hissed her mother “you sold a goat for a pile of stupid beans?”  “Go to your room and I don’t want to see you till morning”. So hungry and tired she went to bed. Just as she took her shoes off she heard her mother open the window and throw the beans out. The next morning Danni woke up early and outside her window was an enormous blue gum tree. It was higher than the clouds! Danni threw on her clothes and started to climb up the blue gum tree.  At last She reached the top. 

    Before her stood a GINORMOUS brick house. “It’s big enough for two giants” thought Danni. Danni started to walk towards the big brick house.   she met the door. With trembling fingers she opened the door.  

    Inside was a kitchen table and on the table sat an owl who laid golden eggs and a Golden guitar that strummed all by itself. A giant gecko was sitting on a chair beside the table listening to the melody from the guitar.

    Danni stared in amazement at the owl that laid golden eggs. As quick as a flash she stole the owl, just as the gecko drifted off to sleep. But the guitar was awake and he yelled out “Master, Master we are being robbed”.
    So the giant gecko sat up and raced after Danni.  she was already at the bottom of the blue gum tree cutting it down with her chainsaw. Danni and Audrey lived happily ever after with the giant gecko stuck up in the clouds.   

    Written by Hannah and Ella M

    Once upon a time there was a boy named Griffin and he lived with his mother in an old broken down house. All they had was a goat.  His mother said “Sell the goat for some money”. 
    It wasn’t long before he met a man strolling down the road. He said “What a fine looking goat you have there”. The man said “I will give you seven beans for it”.

    Griffin said “Seven beans! No way”. The man said “these ain’t any old beans, these are magic beans!”. Griffin ran all the way home to his mother.  He said to his mother “I got some magic beans for our goat”. He expected his mother to be happy but she was not. Griffin had to go to bed sad and hungry.

    The next day he looked out of the hole in his roof and he saw a giant macrocarpa tree. He climbed up the giant macrocarpa tree and there right in front of him was a huge house.
    It was higher than the clouds. He went in and there was a huge taniwha. On his huge table there was a gold guitar and a kakapo.

    The taniwha said “kakapo lay your golden eggs” and suddenly it laid a gold egg. Griffin said to himself “I have to get that kakapo”.

    He climbed up on to the table and got the kakapo and ran down the macrocarpa tree. The taniwha woke and was too scared to climb down the macrocarpa tree so he jumped. 
    When he hit the ground he hit it so hard he instantly died. Griffin and his mother lived happily ever after with the kakapo that laid the golden eggs.    

    Written by Jake and Braden             

    Once upon a time in the deep blue sea, there were three little squirmy fish that lived with their mother. One day they decided to leave because they were becoming young adults.

    The first little fish built a small house made out of a pile of slimy green seaweed.  The second little fish chose a dark cave for his house and the third one well he chose a dark, lonely ship.

    One day the big bad shark came to the first little fish’s house of seaweed he said to the little fish “little fish let me come in!”

    The little fish said “not by the fins on my body, body, body” And with that the shark whipped his tail from side to side to make the little fish come out. He struggled to swim all the way to his brother’s cave but made it. 
    Ten minutes later there was a big knock on the cave door, and in a booming voice the shark said “Little fish let me come in!”

    Together they said “Not by the fins on our bodies, bodies, bodies” Then with his tail he shook the cave and swam away in a huff. The two little fish swam to their brother’s ship absolutely petrified.

    Another ten minutes later the big bad shark came back and said “little fish let me come in” and the three little fishes said “not by the fins on our bodies, bodies, bodies.”
    So the shark bit in to the ship very very angrily, “CRUNCH!!!” All of the shark’s teeth fell out.
    And they lived happily ever after, well at least the fish did the shark ended up living with false teeth from his dentist!! (Mr Octopus)

    Written by Kelsey, Faith and Amy

    Once upon a time there lived a big bad taniwha and three warriors. The taniwha hated the three warriors.  One day the taniwha stayed up all night and did not sleep.  He came up with a plan.

    One of the warriors lived in a bush. The second warrior lived in a hut and the third warrior lived in a cave. 

    The big bad taniwha went to the first warriors bush.  The taniwha smashed the bush house down with his mighty foot. Then the warrior had to run to the second warrior’s hut.

    The second warrior’s hut got smashed by the big bad taniwha too and the two warriors had to run to the third warrior’s house.

    The taniwha went to the third warrior’s cave and tried to smash it but it was too strong and by that time the taniwha was far away from his water home and he had to go back there to live. 

    The three warriors lived happily ever after in their cave far away from the taniwha.

    Written by Kotahi, Jesse and Taylor

    Once upon a time there lived a Mum and a Dad. One day the Mum said “Why don’t I make a pavlova?” “Yum, when will it be ready?” said Dad. When it was ready Mum opened the oven door and out jumped the pavlova.  It ran out the door.

    “Come Back!” yelled Mum and Dad but the pavlova man said “Run, run as fast as you can as fast as you can you cant catch me I am the pavlova man.” He ran past some ferns where a boy and girl were picking some flowers. 

    “Hey, come back” yelled the boy and girl, we like pavlova. The Mum and the Dad and the boy and girl ran after the pavlova but he just ran faster. “Run run as fast as you can you cant catch me I’m the pavlova man.” He ran past two kiwis. 

    “Hey, come back” they said. But as he got to the corner he saw a lake. Suddenly a dog appeared. “Don’t worry pavlova man I will help you get across” said the dog. “Oh thank you so much” said the pavlova man. So he climbed on the dogs back. 

    As he went in the water his feet got wet.  “Oh no” said the pavlova man. “Why don’t you hop on my head?” said the dog. “Oh no my feet are still getting wet” said the pavlova man.  “Why don’t you hop on my nose?”  said the dog.

    “Why thank you!”  But as he hopped on the dogs nose the dog ate him and that was the end of the PAVLOVA  MAN.

    Written by Olivia C and Alex

    One day Aroha’s father said “Go and sell our goat, we need the money for food”. So Aroha walked off with the goat into the forest. It wasn’t long before she met an old woman. She said she would give her magic beans for her goat. Aroha not being very smart, took the trade for the magic beans.

    Aroha walked back to her father and showed him the magic beans, he flipped and threw the beans on the ground. Aroha was upset with herself and decided to go to bed early. The next morning Aroha was amazed with what she saw. A giant pohutakawa tree was outside her window.

    She got dressed and started to climb the giant pohutakawa tree excitedly. When she got to the top she was in the clouds! She saw a house that looked like it was made for a giant. She walked inside still very excited. To her amazement she saw a giant weta.

    She quickly found a hiding spot where she could watch. The giant weta sat down at the table.  On the table Aroha could see a kiwi and a golden guitar. In a flash the giant weta yelled something so loud that she could not understand it.

    But then the guitar started to play beautiful music and the kiwi started to lay golden eggs. Then to Aroha’s surprise the weta fell asleep, so Aroha said to herself “If I take that kiwi it will lay golden eggs for us, and we can sell them for money!” Aroha took the kiwi and started to climb down the pohutakawa tree.
    Then all of a sudden the golden guitar yelled “Master we are being robbed!” The weta woke up and started to climb down the tree. Aroha’s father was looking for her and he saw the giant weta chasing her down the tree.

    Aroha’s father got his chainsaw out of the shed just in the nick of time to catch Aroha with the kiwi and chop down the tree. The tree fell down on top of the weta and they lived happily ever after, with the kiwi that lays golden eggs and the golden guitar that plays beautiful music.

    Written by Rylee and Olivia M

    One day three little fish left their mother to live their own lives. “Beware of the big bad shark” said their mother. The little fish split up and began to find their homes. 

    The first little fish saw a crab carrying a pile of seaweed.  “Mr Crab can I please borrow some of your seaweed?” said the first little fish. “Yeah sure” said the crab. Then the little fish built a house of seaweed.

    The second little fish met a puffer fish selling a cave.  “Excuse me Miss puffer fish can I please have that cave for my home?”  asked the second little fish. “Why not? It’s all yours”  yelled the puffer fish. 

    The third little fish saw an eel swimming in a ship wreck.  “Yo, Dr eel can I live in your shipwreck please?” squeaked the little fish. “You can have it” said the eel.

    One day while the first little fish was baking a pie in the seaweed house a big evil shark came along and said “Little fish can I come in your seaweed house?” “NO!” screamed the first little fish. This made the shark angry so he went away and got a sledge hammer and crashed the house to pieces.
    The little fish swam for his life and went to his brothers cave. 

    While the second little fish was watching the blockbuster channel on TV, the shark came up to the cave and said to the two little fish “Let me come in your cave.” “NOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed the two little fish.  The shark was ANGRY! He went away and got a jack hammer and crumbled the cave to pieces.
    The two little fish swam to the third brothers house. 

    When they were playing video games the big bad shark came along to the ship wreck and said “Three little fish let me come in!” “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” yelled the fish.  The shark was soooooooo angry that he bit into the ship wreck but all his teeth fell out and he cried all the way home. And the three little fish lived happily ever after.

    Written by Jamie and Will

    Once upon a time there was a mother fish and her three children called Jim, Tim and Kim. One day their mother said “It’s time for you three to find another home.” 
    “But watch out for the big bad shark.” So Jim, Tim and Kim set off to find a houses to live in. The first fish Jim lived in a seaweed house.

    He had just finished and when the big bad shark came and knocked on the door and said “Let me in or I’ll munch and crunch your house in.”

    Jim swam to his brother Tim’s house. Tim had just finished moving in to his new cave when he heard someone knocking at the door. “Let me in or I’ll munch and I’ll crunch your door down.
    Jim and Tim swam to Kim’s house. Kim was making some lunch in her shipwreck house when Kim heard banging on the door saying “Let me in!”

    The shark munched and crunched on the shipwreck and all his teeth fell out.  He had to eat seaweed forever and the three fish lived happily ever after.         

    Written by TJ and Natasha    

Our big books for children in Malawi

We were learning to... 
  • Use suitable materials for making our big books (Technology)
  • Publish and illustrate our books to a really high standard
  • Change a traditional fairytale into a 'kiwitale' (Writing)
  • Make something for children who are less fortunate than us (Diversity - Ways of Growing)
Check out some of our photos!  Our books looked great.  They took us a long time to make. We hope the children in Malawi enjoy reading them.